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The mission of Musically Speaking is to have a positive impact on people’s lives by fostering personal growth and the development of personal relationships

Meet some of our Members ...

At Musically Speaking meetings you can be assured of a fun, supportive environment, where members will receive plenty of encouragement. Their knowledge of music will increase, as will their confidence in presenting before an audience. 

It is important to stress that Musically Speaking is for everyday people. 
You do not need to have a particular expertise in music, just a passion for music.

For more information about Musically Speaking, please contact us or call Peter on 3216 8366

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Yes, we are looking for new members!


Come and join in the fun in 2016.
Discover new music, share your favourites, make new friends.
Phone Peter on 3216 8366 to invite yourself along for a look.
Social outings. No musical expertise required.

Coming to the meeting?

Simply choose a piece of music to do with the theme of the meeting
and we'll play 1 minute of it during our All Play segment.