Public Speaking

Musically Speaking is based in Brisbane. Members share the gems in their music collections and discover new ones. Public Speaking and Presentation skills are enhanced, Friends are made, and Fun is had. 

Yes, there is a public speaking component to Musically Speaking.

By getting up and telling the other members about music and artists that you enjoy you will be enhancing your public speaking skills. All this in a friendly, relaxed atmosphere and you will hardly even be aware that you are actually growing your skills in this area. Then one day when you are asked to speak at work, or a birthday, wedding or funeral, you will take  on the challenge and impress everyone, and yourself, with your ability to string some words together and speak in a clear and confident manner.

Now that is a nice side benefit of being a member of Musically Speaking.

If you would like to enhance your public speaking skills in a friendly relaxed atmosphere, all around the easy to speak to topic of music, then please call Peter on 3216 8366 now and invite yourself along to the next meeting.

Do it today, you will be so pleased that you did.