Instructional Videos & Presenter Guidelines (below)

The following videos will take you through the essential steps to enable you to produce your own Musically Speaking presentation slide shows.

Learn how to create your own slide show templates, by having the ability to sign in to Google.

Creating a slide show from the Musically Speaking template

Finding an image in Google Images and inserting it into your Musically Speaking presentation

Resizing and moving an image in your Musically Speaking Presentation

Creating bullet points and transitions in a Musically Speaking presentation.

Inserting a YouTube video into a Musically Speaking presentation

Duplicating and moving slides in a Musically Speaking presentation

Sharing and previewing your Musically Speaking presentation.

Presenter Guidelines

Tips to help you with your presentation - click on the relevant segment

Concert Review
Music News
Musical Names
Musical Grapevine
Music Trivia Quiz
New To You
On This Day
Off Track
Program Manager
Top  40